Disabled mothers speak out

Orange banner with white writing. 
Disabled Mothers' Rights Campaign -- to have and keep our kids.  Drawing based on the wheelchair user symbol.  A mum using a wheelchair lifts her baby up to her face.  They are looking at each other.  Support Not Separation logo -- white letters on red circle.

Channel 5 News: 5pm Wed 25 January

Dear friends,

We’ve been working with Channel 5 News on a feature where disabled mothers speak out about the discrimination we face and our struggle to stop social workers and the family courts taking our children from us.

Watch tomorrow Wednesday 25 January, 5pm-6pm.

On Channel 5 TV or online at My5 (sign in to livestream)

More info: Tel: 0207 482 2496

Disabled Mothers’ Rights Campaign


Support Not Separation



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