Speaking out against violence

Night time in Walthamstow Town Square.  A crowd of women and girls, some holding placards and flags, is gathered around a woman with a headscarf who is speaking.  Someone next to her holds a lamp which shines brightly.  Behind is a green space and a tower block.  Ariane from WinVisible wears a placard: Care charges = Violence Against Women.
The crowd listening to speakers at Walthamstow Town Square. Ariane Sacco from WinVisible spoke against violence against disabled women and girls by attackers and by the police.

On Saturday 29 January, WinVisible took part in Waltham Forest Reclaim the Night, organised by Waltham Forest Women’s Network. At the rally in Walthamstow Town Square, Ariane Sacco from WinVisible spoke against violence against disabled women and girls. Here is her speech on video:

Women and children marched from Leyton and Walthamstow to Walthamstow Town Square. We all chanted, “Safe streets — now!” Video clip of the march here.

The crowd gathered around a speaker in Walthamstow Town Square at night.
Speakers included Waltham Forest Women’s Network, poet Andreena Leeanne and Susan Pashkoff from East London Unite Community, who kindly invited us.
A woman on the microphone in Walthamstow Town Square, with a crowd gathered around in a circle.
Individual women of different backgrounds and ages spoke movingly about their own experiences of abuse, and how these affected their lives, to this day even from a long time ago.

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